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Social Media Training is an open education initiative with social media policy training, social media education and social media classes.

You can watch all the social media training courses on this site at no charge.

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What exactly do we mean by Open?
All of the spoken word and original filmed content in the social media training courses on this site are available for free under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.1 International License. That means you are free to share and adapt the trainings as long as you attribute any derivative works to www.SocialMediaTraining.com. However, this license does not extend to the music or background imagery in the courses.

Why offer free social media training?

Openly licensed educational resources have enormous potential to increase access to high-quality education opportunities.

Most people use social media everyday, including at work.  And there are all kinds of rules and regulations governing lawful social media use they just don’t know about.

Most people are unaware these laws exists.  You may be violating some of them yourself, and not even know it.


Most organizations manage the risks by issuing a social media policy. And most of those policies are unlawful and unenforceable.

80% of employers have a social media policy, but 70% have taken disciplinary action against employees for social media misuse.

Policies are important, but they aren’t enough. Nobody reads corporate policy. They sign for it, and stick it in the bottom drawer.

Social Media Risk Management
According to the global employment law firm Proskauer, “Employers should make social media training a priority. Training employees reduces risk.”

This site offers the world’s broadest, deepest, self-paced social media training catalog on how to use social media responsibly, ethically and lawfully in the workplace.

Sixty-two percent of companies have no enterprise wide social media education program in place, yet developing a mandatory training program for all employees remains a top priority, according to research from Altimeter.

Employee advocacy is the only truly sustainable why to consistently achieve reach and frequency at scale on social networks.  Yet most organizations are scared to enable their employees as online ambassadors.

Less than one-third of employers train their workforce on effective digital and social media use.

This site is a practical way to bring large populations up to speed on social media ethics and compliance, while safeguarding organizations against the legal, regulatory and competitive threats public communications pose.

To give everyone access to the same, high-quality professional development training on how to use social media responsibly, ethically and lawfully, we decided to #GoOpen and give everyone this courseware library as a free and open education resource.

The social media training courses on this site were produced by Eric Schwartzman with the support of eLearning technology adviser Eric Bush and many others.

Social Media Boot Camp by Eric Schwartzman at US Pacific Command

Photo: Eric Schwartzman (front, center) leads social media training exercises for US Pacific Command at Camp H.M. Smith in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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